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Source: Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai trueland Date: 2016.03.25 Clicks:

No.4 stainless steel product Information

kitchen stainless steel splashback customer for Australian customer,custom size and finish of sheet, brushed handle and bending process,cusbom carton with company LOGO,

hairline finish grade stainless steel sheet 
1.surface:hairline finish
3.width:1000mm 1219mm1500mm

Manufacturing Process of stianless steel sheet/plate:

Raw materials are sending to hot rolling units for rolling into different sizes.
→Hot rolled material is annealing in cold rolled annealing furnace and pickling in acid.
→All mill rolls are grinded on precision grinding machine with proper chamfering after first shift operation.
→All sheets are pickled in different tanks and dried on brush roll machine before dispatched.
→These sheets are again annealing and are sent to straighten machine for straightening.
→Inspections are done at various stages. Keep proper control overall internal process via rolling, annealing and pickling by our experienced staff


Applications of Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate:

•Escalator, Elevator, Doors


•Production tools, Kitchen appliances, freezers, cold rooms

•Auto Parts

•Machinery and Packaging

•Equipment and Medical devices

•Transport system, oil container

•Food Trucks

•Kitchen Walls