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stainless steel 443M

Another common stainless steel is 443. It is a Ferrritic alloy that consists of Chromium and Titanium, while extremely low in Carbon. Together, these elements give 443 stainless a strong resistance to corrosion, especially against moisture and salt. Although most Ferritic alloys cannot compete with Austenitic alloys in terms of durability, the high level of Chromium in 443 makes it at least as corrosion-resistant as 304. Also, when compared to 304, 443 expands even less with heat, which means less stress and less warping. Remember, since 443 has high levels of Chromium, it is magnetic. This does NOT mean, however, that it is a low quality stainless! Even with a magnet on it, Chromium is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals around

TTS 443M grade , "M" stands for a matte surface or is suitable for use as a matte surface

1. Coil&sheet size :0.3~3.0×1000~1250×C(mm)

2. Supply Condition : Cold Roll, Annealing,Pickling 

3. Chemical Composition: 

C Si
P S N Cu Ti、Nb and so on

       4. Mechanical property

Tensile Test


Bending Test
Grade Yield Strength(Mpa)
Tensile Stength(Mpa)
Elongation %

 5. Finish Process

Based finish 2B, NO.4, NO.6,NO.8,HL

6.Finish Quality

The surface of the steel plate must not have any defects that affect its use. However, steel strips delivered in rolls generally have no chance of removing defects, and a small amount is allowed,Unusual part

Characteristics of 443 stainless steel

  • 1, 443 stainless steel material properties: index of resistance to pitting corrosion of 443 stainless steel substrates is 300 mv, 304 stainless steel and its high thermal stability, good tensile properties.
  • 2, excellent material properties than ordinary ferritic stainless steel, 443 stainless steel by adding Cr, lower C, Ti improve corrosion resistance. Pitting corrosion resistance increase, increase the content of Cr improve corrosion resistance, stainless steel substrates increase Ti improve its pitting corrosion resistance. The increase of the content of Cr can improve the electrode potential of stainless steel matrix, and at the same time Ti in priority and C to form stable compounds in stainless steel, C and Cr in stainless steel compound, suppresses the poor Cr point, improve the pitting corrosion resistance. Heat to improve service life: Ti element priority C compound formation, restrain the enrichment of stainless steel under the condition of heat C to grain boundary, increases the service life of the stainless steel heat, at the same time improve the stainless steel intergranular corrosion resistant performance, improve the thermal stability of the stainless steel.

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